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Paul Burstow MP launches the Commission on Residential Care (CORC)

Posted: 7/24/2013 9:17:42 AM

Last night saw the launch of the new Commission on Residential Care by former Care Services Minister Paul Burstow MP.

Announcing the launch Burstow said:

A rapidly ageing population will mean that by 2030 there will be an extra 239,000 people over 85 needing 24/7 care – and we are dangerously ill-prepared. For many the thought of residential care is a source of dread, an unwelcome last resort. Media reporting of care has fuelled the negative stereotype. Yet care homes can be places of light and laughter, a home from home.

The think tank Demos is hosting the Commission into the future of residential care and a carefully selected group of Commissioners have been drawn from various sectors, including Tunstall, with the aim of developing a vision of residential care that is fit for the 21stcentury.

Residential care should be a valid housing choice within a wider range of options – requiring an increased supply of suitable housing and should be integrated within the overall health and care landscape. There are three times the number of beds in care homes compared to the NHS, representing an opportunity to support better coordinated care for individuals with better partnership working.

Tunstall’s Managing Director, Simon Arnold will play a core role within the Commission.

He said:

We understand that the care home sector has been under tremendous strain, and this is the right time to look at what works and what doesn’t work. In our experience the proportional use of technology in care homes has huge potential, offering advantages to residents, family and staff, whilst improving care outcomes and dignity. An additional worry is that care homes can turn into reservoirs of high consumers of healthcare – technology can make a huge difference by integrating support around the individual, linking the care home to community and primary care services.

Over the next 12 months, the Commission will consider the financial, operational, governance and cultural aspects of residential care and how these might be improved – drawing on existing good practice – so that the sector can respond positively to the challenges facing it.

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