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AMAC remains strong in the face of Hurricane Sandy

Posted: 11/14/2012 7:50:49 AM

Hurricane Sandy hit Monday 29 October 2012. It devastated many areas of New York and New Jersey and left 3.5 million people immediately without power. Many homes and businesses were literally washed into the ocean as winds got up to 85 miles per hour. The Subways of New York were closed as the Ears River and Hudson River poured into the tunnels. The devastation from the storm caused in excess of 50 billion dollars in damage and saw people without power for 12-13 days.

Tunstall AMAC almost managed to go unscathed by Sandy. The office had already been closed prior to the storm hitting whilst the Oceanside office (the original headquarters for AMAC) was literally hit by a 5 foot wave which devastated the first floor of the building. Luckily the second floor which served as a base of operations was not damaged, yet the office was closed soon after the storm and employees were transferred to the Long Island City, New York headquarters.

Thanks to the determination and commitment of Tunstall AMAC’s ‘Hurricane Heroes’, services remained live throughout. Potentially devastating and extremely challenging, it was the strength of character of the Tunstall AMAC team that withstood the storm.

Those who went above and beyond the call of duty are too many to mention and span the Operations, Hospital Solutions, ERC/PNC ERC, Customer Service and IT teams. Of particular note however are the efforts of:

  • Andrew Luu (LIC, Network Administrator), who was onsite for 24 hours and offered to pick up operators left without transport if required.
  • John Vaughn (Director of Operations of Hospital Solutions), who left his home and stayed in a nearby hotel. When lines went down in the middle of the night on Monday, he walked from the hotel (since no cabs were operating) in order to get to the LIC facility to get operations up and running for clients.
  • Jason Lubruno was at his station in a remote monitoring post for a 24 hour shift.
  • And Khurram  Kalimullahour (Supervisor at PNC ERC), who was unable to staff his group of 8 because people could not make the trek to the office.  He stayed for 3 shifts in a row.

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