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Telecommunication issues affecting the operation of autodialling equipment signalling including telecare, security dialling and monitoring equipment, supplied by numerous device manufacturers

Posted: 8/3/2012 8:23:20 AM

Dear Customer

The TSA have recently provided a statement regarding the above which is attached for your reference. Tunstall has also been made aware directly that some Customers are experiencing connection issues between outstation equipment and central monitoring equipment communicating over certain telecommunications networks. In some cases this can have the effect of preventing alarm calls being received and handled correctly. From our initial investigations and contact with the telecommunication providers it is apparent that the issue lies within the networks and can impact equipment from multiple providers across the telecare and security dialler industries. The immediate recommendation is that you should of course perform regular checks that dispersed and grouped systems are connecting with monitoring centres, to ensure that alarm calls are operating reliably.

In addition to the advice provided by the TSA, if you are experiencing communication difficulties in your area, this should be reported directly to your telecommunications provider in the first instance to ensure that they are aware of the situation. We continue to investigate these issues and will provide updates and more details very shortly..

Yours faithfully

Simon Arnold
Managing Director UK & Ireland

Statement issued by TSA 03.08.12:

Dear Member

We are aware of a current problem with some signals that are being experienced on a very large number of phone lines in the UK network. This is affecting at least 20% of all signals reported, seemingly regardless of geographical territory, regardless of whether the network is ISDN or PSTN and regardless of receiver type. This problem began at around 13:00 on 30th July, and is still continuing.

Monitoring platform providers are already aware of the issues and are assisting TSA and the telephony providers in identifying the fault with a view to resolution.

This is now being dealt with as a high level escalation in BT.  The escalation has been copied to MD BT Operate, Head of Service at Openreach, MD Operations at BTW and various others and involved those directly concerned into the early hours of this morning.

As far as TSA know it has not been resolved yet (9am Friday 3 Aug).

There are potential lessons to be learnt from this to improve telecommunications services to TSA members so please ensure that you report equipment failures by email during this outage to TSA. We will forward these to the telephony providers to give us and them a measure of the extent of the issue and its impact on you.

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