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Tunstall Healthcare celebrates the delivery of 50,000 mymedic telehealth systems worldwide

Posted: 6/25/2012 12:43:15 PM

Leading telehealth and telecare provider achieves significant milestone in the deployment of advanced telehealth device

Tunstall Healthcare, the leading global provider of telehealth and telecare solutions, has announced it has delivered 50,000 mymedic* telehealth systems internationally. This milestone highlights the company’s commitment to providing patient-orientated care and continued growth in the global market, reaffirming Tunstall’s position as a world leader in telehealth and telecare solutions.

Governments and health organisations all over the world are using innovative telehealth and telecare solutions from Tunstall to maintain high levels of healthcare provision and improve efficiencies. Tunstall is one of the main providers for Europe’s largest randomised telehealth and telecare project, the Whole System Demonstrator (WSD), aimed to improve well being for residents living in Cornwall, Kent and Newham in the UK. Initial findings from the WSD project revealed that telehealth could reduce mortality rates by 45%, hospital admissions by 20% and A&E visits by 15%.

Tunstall offers a range of solutions from technology to fully managed services that aim to redesign the provision of healthcare for older people and those with long-term health and care needs, drawing focus away from the equipment and putting the user at the heart of an integrated service that will maximise their quality of life and independence.

Tunstall has also expanded its international portfolio over the last twelve months with the acquisition of American Medical Alert Corp (AMAC), a leading provider of health monitoring and 24/7 communication services in the US, and STT Condigi, a provider of technology and services for elderly care in the Nordic region. The company plans to expand its product portfolio later this year to encourage the uptake of telehealth and telecare worldwide.

Gil Baldwin, CEO of Tunstall Healthcare said:

Celebrating the delivery of 50,000 mymedicsis a significant achievement for Tunstall, consolidating our position as the leading telehealthcare provider.  As part of the core healthcare business, we encourage organisations all over the world to mainstream telehealthcare, offering an integrated service built around the needs of the user to bridge the gap between health and social care and improve independence. This milestone represents Tunstall’s ability to work in partnership with health, housing and care organisations, to deliver a sustainable and collaborative service that benefits both patients and providers.

Over the last twelve months, we’ve also seen the company grow internationally following the completion of two global acquisitions and whilst this milestone is still some way from the 2.5million telecare systems from Tunstall in use worldwide, it reflects our growing commitment to remote health monitoring.

Tunstall has been heavily involved in several international projects across Europe, Australia and North America, as well as acting as the technology lead for the CommonWell project, which involved ten European partners in five different countries. The objective of this project was to support independent living for older people and those with long-term conditions, integrating and evaluating healthcare and social care services and significantly improving quality of life for individuals and their families.

Tunstall’s telehealth solutions enable remote monitoring that can be tailored specifically to user’s needs. The mymedicdevice is designed to help people with long-term health needs who live at home monitor their own conditions, enabling each user to carry out a health assessment at pre-set times to ensure timely intervention, whilst improving understanding of their health.

* the mymedic is part of the RTX3370 and RTX3371 family of telehealth systems

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