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People are the greatest asset of any organisation and like any other asset they need investment and maintenance. From training new staff, running refresher courses or assisting in the purchase of new equipment, Tunstall training can support you by:

  • Increasing and/or maintaining your staff's level of understanding about products and services
  • Measuring and unifying standards, and reinforcing organisational aims 
  • Helping staff to appreciate their professional role, increasing motivation
  • Reassuring staff of the support available to them and identifiyng those requiring further support   
  • Providing an opportunity for feedback

The training team has over 35 years of combined experience with Tunstall, including over 10 years extensive experience of working with telecare solutions, making us a market leader in providing this kind of service. All members of the team have a wide range of skills and all hold at least Associate Membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) in training, providing access to relevant resources and best practice methods to support their delivery of high quality professional training. 

Courses may be run either at Tunstall's purpose-built training facilities at its Yorkshire head office, or at customers' own premises. A full assessment and certification programme is also available for all training courses undertaken where the candidates demonstrate an acceptable level of competency and understanding of the subject.

Why choose Tunstall training?

Gain practical hands-on skills
Each of our courses is designed to help you acquire the skills you need quickly and professionally. When you return to work you will be able to apply new skills and techniques to your role, enabling your organisation to maximise your knowledge immediately.

Benefits from course design
Tunstall training programmes are developed through a rigorous and proven process that ensures every course is practical, relevant and up-to-date. Our courses are constantly reviewed to ensure that you are trained on the very latest products and services.

Our aim

Common to all our training and development is our emphasis on practical learning, interactivity, enjoyment and quality. 

Courses available

Our wide range of courses available include:

Read our Telecare Training Solutions Guide

For more information on any of Tunstall's training courses, please email

Cancellation Policy

Organisations wishing to cancel a training course for any reason may be subject to a cancellation fee:

15 - 28 days notice - subject to 25% cancellation fee of total cost.
8 - 14 days notice - subject to 50% cancellation fee of total cost.
0 - 7 days notice - subject to 100% cancellation fee of total cost.

All cancellations should be made via fax to 01977 662570 or in writing to:

Customer Training Department
Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd
Whitley Lodge
DN14 0HR

Whole Systems Demonstrator

Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd Head Office
Whitley Lodge, Whitley Bridge
DN14 0HR

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